It’s the final hours before the end of a campaign.  I should take the time to thank a few people publicly. It won’t be a thank you to my wife and kids, nor my family or campaign staff, I will do that privately.

I want to thank the Friends of South St. Paul. For you have been with me on this entire campaign trail.  Meeting with me, telling me what you want to see in SSP.  You have been asking me good questions and making me take a stand on issues.  You have been encouraging me and supporting me on the ultimate community service project.

We have a great little city on the banks of the Mississippi River that needs some good things to happen once again.  We are filled with residents who love this city and care about their neighbors and their history.

I have met so many new friends over the past several months.  My friends outside of South St. Paul joke and say “you know everybody” and I just added a few thousand more!

THANK YOU – for supporting me!  For always honking and waving when the firetruck was out in your neighborhood.  Thank you for sharing your concerns and your ideas for the city you love! Thank you for  reading this short note of appreciation. I know many have already voted in this early vote election, I thank you for the vote for Francis.

For you that vote November 8th – THANK YOU for your vote for FRANCIS.


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