January 3rd is fast approaching and we are ready.

Ready for what?  Well, in the short time between election November 8th and today December 20th,  we have learned a lot of great information to set us up for success.

Our current Mayor dropped the mic and gracefully accepted the love, support and genuine appreciation for her years of service to our city just last night.  This marks the transition of 2016 into 2017 and a new era for our city.

We learned from Beth what she learned: Be respectful of the staff, Take care of all the constituents (listen to their view points), It’s better to build consensus than just to get the win, Finally, Our city has a great history and a great future.

Of all of the things I learned this year, the one thing I am going to carry into the next year is the attitude, the phrase, the words “We Can”.

Because of our past and all of the things our past leaders have shown us, the one thing I am ready for is that South St. Paul Can

Now let’s go forward together.



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