January 3rd Sworn in
January 4th Sworn at

January 9th Work Session: In this meeting we tackled a lot of topics that were very meaty in content and in length. A proposed concept: changing seats in our chambers as an effort to open up the idea of “new views”, a literal change of perspective for our new council as a group.  This was met by skepticism at first, but we all quickly agreed to place chair numbers in the hat and draw our new seating.  As you look at the council from left to right it will now be Seaberg, Rothecker, Podgorski, Francis, Hansen, Forester, Flatley.  This threw our cable caster off when she realized she had to re-chart her cameras for the cable coverage, but all was good in the end.

January 17th Council Meeting: We took action on all the items we worked hard on in the work session the week before.  This included a retirement of police Sergeant David Hughes and promotion of a new Sergeant.  We also welcomed two new businesses into our city, both on Concord Street,  Certified Auto Repair and Rihm-Kenworth.  We voted to get things in order to get them up and running in our city.  We also adopted a resolution to support the removal of a flowage easement that encumbers property in South St. Paul.  This easement is held by the Army Corps of Engineers and removing the easement is our only option to attract any business that wishes to build a building on that property.

January 23rd Work Session: Dr. David Webb from South St. Paul Schools gave us an update of the state of our schools’ funding. Very interesting to know where funding for our schools stands next to the rest of the metro and state.  He also addressed the efforts the district is providing for services like suicide prevention, domestic abuse and the partnership with Second Harvest food program.  We also heard from our ibrary and got an update on the study that was performed on the current building.

January 30th (extra meeting) Goal Setting:  We will be working with staff on goals and objectives for 2017-2018.  This will be our first opportunity to help guide the city staff on their department goals and new opportunities for our city.  (I am excited to support a great city staff for the first time as Mayor.)



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